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    The Way We Were

    Circa 1950

    Louis J Gardella, Founder. 1905-1995
    A rare photo to catch Lou sitting, for a staged pic, yet. He did recognize the value of good promotion even though he seemed to prefer manual labor.

    A favorite, circa 1948 note the marine railway from long before that.

    Similar to another, circa 1948 , shows some Water St. Oyster houses, too. The REX building shown was formerly home to the Sealship Oyster Co.

    Circa 1960; left to right: Bill Gardella, Sr; LJ Gardella, founder

    Another classic, circa 1948. Love those cars, too. The greatly enlarged restaurant became "The Pier" and was a local landmark until closed for building code non-compliance circa 1985- could not justify costs to bring it up to modern codes, for a seasonal restaurant.

    Yes, that boat IS in a swimming pool , part of a boat show, at the pool club Lou built, circa 1960. He had the WOW factor even before family friend, Stew Leonard.

    The old Elco "Sheila" in the photo, partial view, stern-to, was the Coe family boat.  They would stay on her at Rex when they came up to visit family. This photo is circa 1960.

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