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Don AtwellService / Yard148
Mike GomesService / Yard
Tom FerenczService / Yard148
Jose CentanoService / Yard148
Julio LugoService / Yard148
Nick MatozzoService / Yard148
Walter WalshInfalatable Boat Repair, Service / Yard203-866-5234 150
Walter ValdezService / Yard148
Our DockmasterSummer Dockage203-866-5555120
Mike MaverRex Store Manager203-831-5236139
Phil SweetStore Sales203-831-5236139/140
Mike StandeinerParts Department Manager203-831-5238136/137
Susan BrownAccounting203-866-0383156
Diane GardellaAccounting203-866-0383125
Bill Gardella Sr. President203-866-5555121
Bill Gardella Jr. General Manager and Dockmaster203-866-5555123
Mike GarveyService / Yard203-866-5555120
Denise KallasBoat Storage/Dockage Admin.203-866-5555120
Rick DelfosseAccounting, Business Manager / Marketing, Public Relations203-216-7800129
Whit MillerUsed Yacht Sales203-866-5555135
Ashley SoltesAccounting203-866-0383124
Addrew MacielService / Yard203-831-5234
Jeff KingService / Yard203-866-5555148

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