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Captain's Log :: Archived in "September 1, 2011"

Coast Guard Auxiliary rescues research vessel passengers in Norwalk Harbor

September 27, 2011

Date: 25SEP2011 Contact: Rande J. Wilson Public Affairs Officer 860.881.0570


Photo Release

Coast Guard Auxiliary rescue of research vessel passengers

Norwalk, CT – A U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary operations vessel rescued nine children and one adult from the 40’ R/V Oceanic, which had run hard aground in Norwalk Harbor this...

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Marine Radar

September 27, 2011

If you boat in New England, there will be times when you can’t see 100’ feet away from your boat.  Hopefully this will be while you’re at the dock.  If not, you will want to have and to know how to use a marine radar display. You’re visibility can be limited by many different factors, certainly fog is the biggest but there are others. Rain, snow and even smoke can cause limitations. The...

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