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Rex Marine Center's recommendations to best prepare your boat before winter storage.

October 17, 2018

While we offer any service you might desire, doing preparatory items yourself will save you money and help keep your boat in top condition.

Our service manager recommends that on your way to Rex to drop off your boat for winter storage, or by making a point to take one last boat ride if you are a Rex Summer customer, please make note of anything that needs to be repaired or just does not seem quite right.  To start the 2013 season when YOU want to,  now is the best time to identify items that might need attention.  Also,  stop by the fuel dock to top off your fuel tank to reduce water creation due to condensation, and pump out your waste tank, add some fresh water, then pump out once again to clean the tank.  You can check in with John or our Ships’ Store manager Mike Maver for additional recommendations to prepare your boat properly for winter.  

 Doing so will enable Rex to perform any required maintenance during the layup, and when spring comes, you'll be boating instead of losing boating time due to an overheating engine,  leaky hatches,  or inconveniences such as  broken canvas zippers or missing snaps. And if there is any hull or fiberglass damage, Bob Mills of New England Fiberglass says to “fix it ASAP because water and ice can cause cracks to get worse during winter storage”- free estimates gladly provided.

 If you have snap-in carpeting, you should remove it as well as any soiled or moldy cushions or canvas and have them cleaned. Triple S of Norwalk offers free winter storage of such items that they clean over the winter.  Seafarer Canvas & Interiors on site above our store can provide needed repairs or replacement of torn canvas, missing snaps,  or cloudy,  scratched Eisenglass during the winter so all is ready to go come Spring.  Hibbard cautions that rubber-backed carpeting should NEVER be laid out on the seating surfaces, which will become permanently discolored.

 Clear out the refrigerator, plus all lockers, of any items (charts, water toy’s, PFD’s, etc.) that will retain moisture and cause mildew and mold over winter.  Leave interior lockers open for more air circulation. You will also want to place mildew control containers available in our store throughout the cabin and in compartments so you're not greeted by a nasty stink and black mold next spring.

 Clean out the head, medicine cabinets and other enclosed areas. Get all ‘spic and span’ or have us do a “Detail Cleaning”, a thorough cleaning of all exposed surfaces.  If the bilge has become soiled from oil or mold, we recommend that you have that cleaned as well.   Bill Ashley of Seafarer Canvas adds, “Mold can create even further damage to fabric and vinyl as well as poses certain health risks”.   

 Once your boat is hauled out, we then give your boat's bottom a thorough power wash to remove gunk, grime, slime and barnacles.  On your winterization form available here please indicate the items that you want our techs to perform, such as winterizing your fresh water tanks, water heater, and other accessories  your boat may have, including ice maker,  air conditioning, sump, bilge, fish well, and washdown pumps, and don’t forget that extra shower at the transom!

 Rex Marine advises changing your engine and transmission oil and filter, servicing  the sterndrive(s), and preparing your engine(s) per Manufacturer specs in conjunction with winterizing.  Please see our Service forms at for additional winterizing and Fall servicing details.

 Winter is also a great time to do any upgrades you may like to start the new season off with. Holiday or birthday “Boat Gifts” are best brought in during the winter to be installed before the rush of spring.  If there is a new or upgrade item you already have in mind,  stop by or call our store for help with options and a great price,  and our service department will install the item, saving you the trip down if you prefer.

 Any questions please do not hesitate to stop in, call, or e-mail!  Thank you.



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