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    Safety on the Water with your Dog

    September 11, 2018

    Boating with your dog...it seems so simple. Just bring him

    along and enjoy your time together. It can be a wonderful

           experience for all involved, assuming your pet is comfortable

    on the water.   Some safety tips to consider:


    • Acclimate your pet to the boating life at the dock, before

    going on any long outings.

    • Remember to protect him from the sun – sunblock on his

    pale nose if he’s a light color, a shaded area in the boat,

    and cool water in a non-spill, non-skid dish.

    • Proper gear for your dog includes a quick release flat collar

    with his id tags, a harness (also with quick release clips) in

    case you need to secure him in the boat for any reason, and

    a life preserver. Reflective materials are a plus.

    • If tying the dog while under way, be sure to use a safety knot

    or a clip you can open swiftly in case of emergency.

    • A life preserver will keep the dog from sinking in case he falls overboard. He will tire quickly in the waves, and if you do not have a way to grab your dog (handles on the floatation device

    or a blunt hook to catch the top of his harness), he will drown.

    He may be able to get onto a swim platform if you jump in the water and help him, but most likely he will not be able to navigate this slippery surface on his own.

    • Remember to keep your dog leashed on the docks and in the marina. Your dog may be a stellar citizen, but another dog who also deserves the right to enjoy time out of the house with his pack members might not be as socially skilled.
    • Please be aware of traffic in the marina. People driving in the parking lot are not expecting a loose dog to appear.
    • Consider reinforcing your dog’s training skills. Come, stay, and

    Leave it are excellent control tools. Good manners are always a plus.


    Thank you, stay safe, and enjoy! – Susie Valentine Collins, Certified Obedience Trainer,

                       Professional Behavior Counselor, Sitting Pretty 203.855.0866.  

                 Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (W.A.S.A.)  www.westportwasa.org

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