Inflatable Repair Service

mercury inflatable m series docked

Inflatable Boat Repair

Rex is a certified repair center for almost every manufacturer of inflatable boats!

Please fill out the service order request and note the terms before you bring in your boat for a quotation or repair:

Inflatable Repair Service

1. Due to fabric deterioration, boats must be less than 10 years old for a successful repair.
2. Boats must be clean, bottom un-fouled and folded at drop-off, CLEANING FEES will apply if necessary.
3. Floorboards, seats, pumps, and other accessories must be removed before drop off.
4. $200.00 Payable in advance and applicable even if repair work is declined.

Soft bottom boats remaining 7 days after notification of completion will incur storage fees at $25.00 per week.

Hard Hull (RIB) or on trailer boats will incur storage fees at $5.00 per foot per week after one week.

Boat will be fully inflated and a multi-point evaluation performed to enable estimate to be prepared.

If repair is authorized, evaluation fee is applied to repair cost.

Inflatable Repair Service Inquiry