Annin American Flags

The Store at Rex Marine has proudly sold Made-in-America US flags, Marine flags, as well as numerous others for over 75 years. We are an authorized dealer for Annin Flags, America’s largest and oldest such manufacturer.

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Annin Flagmakers is a family business that has been making our country’s symbol since 1847. Over many years, Annin has learned quite a bit about making flags- from the creation of long lasting fabrics and inks to the dense embroidery of their rich star fields.  Annin flags have flown over the White House and on foreign fields of battle. Annin was there at the Argonne Offensive and the Battle of Guadalcanal.  From the top of Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima to the surface of the moon, Annin flags have been there to represent the core ideals of our great country.

Today Annin Flagmakers embraces the best of 21st century technology.  In Annin’s American factories, U.S. flags are manufactured with advanced stand-up sewing production techniques. Annin also creates state, international and custom flags that are digitally printed and screen-dyed to exact color specifications, and has in-house research, testing laboratories, and an art department using the most advanced technologies and processes to ensure that Annin flags remain the benchmark of the flag industry.

Rex Marine is proud to partner with Annin, which gives our Rex crew direct access to the most knowledgeable and dedicated team of flag specialists in the U.S.A.  Please visit our Rex Store to choose from our full selection of Annin flags and accessories.  Rex also represents Annin Commercial Grade Flags, flagpoles, and accessories, available thru Rex Express, we sell US flags as large as 30’ X 60’!

Rex also offers a wide selection of Flagpoles & Flagstaffs, with installation available, so please let us know how we can help you make your home, boat, or business even more beautiful as you show your pride in our great country.

We also have Custom flag-making capability, even if you need only one.

 To order anything from the full-line of Annin flags and accessories, please call Mike Maver at 203.831.5236 or email, and let Rex expedite a discounted order for pickup at Rex, or sent directly to your home or business if you prefer.