Valet Rack Service

Rex Marine specializes in “Valet Rack Service” – also known as “on-demand” boat service, dry rack storage, or dry stack storage.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Summer Valet Rack Service for powerboats up to 42′ LOA.
  • Since 1989 – fast, clean and so easy!
  • Includes free dockage for consecutive day use.
  • Annual, seasonal, monthly, or weekly availability.
  • 5 minute, Launch-on-Demand, no advance notice required during operating hours.
  • 24/7 access: Your boat can be used anytime, including night or early morning.

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For Current VRS Customers:

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VRS Special Notes for VRS Boats Over 28′

VRS Docking of Ouboards and Stern-to Docking


Quality Valet Rack Service

Established in 1989, Rex Marine remains Fairfield County’s best, most experienced Valet Rack Service (VRS) operation for powerboats up to 42’ LOA. Our lift operators and launch crew are highly proficient, most responsive, and of course professional and courteous. Our Wiggins Marina Bull lift trucks and facilities are modern, very well maintained, and clean.

Whether your boat is kept indoors inside our fully enclosed storage building when not in use, or has a berth on our outdoor storage system, the Valet Rack Service itself is identical, offering 24/7 access to your boat with launches normally in 5-minutes or less.

Your boat can be used anytime, including night or early morning, by requesting an end-of-day launch via SmartPhone application, a phone call, or naturally, in-person – no advance notice required during operating hours.

Keep Your Boat Looking New

Rex Marine’s Indoor Valet Rack Service is like having your own boathouse to protect your boat and keep it looking new.

With both outdoor and inside Valet Rack Service, you will benefit from not requiring bottom paint, less maintenance, storm protection, less wear and tear and salt water corrosion. Inside storage has the additional benefit of protecting the gelcoat from UV rays, no baking in the sun or bird droppings, security and additional storm protection. The overall benefit is convenience, peace of mind and lower storage & maintenance costs, and higher resale value!

Launch your boat with our “Boat Cloud” app from your phone, drop by or call to launch on demand with no advance notice or wait time. When you are done for the day, the Rex crew will rinse off your hull and tuck it safely away in its rack space. Overnight dockage available on request. Need fuel? Just tell us. Need to work on your boat, wash or wax? Ask for it to be put in a work bunk for easy access. We’re boaters too – and know what you need.

We understand you lead a busy life but value your time to unwind on the water – we’ll make it easy for you!

Learn more about our Boat Launching Request App: BoatCloud

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Free Dockage

You get free dockage with our Valet Rack Service.

Keep your boat in-water for as many consecutive days as you require. If you plan to boat late into the evening or fish early in the morning and want to leave her in the water, you can do that. The best of both worlds!

Easier than Trailering!

Rex Marine’s Valet Rack Service is SO much easier than trailering! We promise you will use your boat A LOT more this summer.

VRS boaters enjoy our clean, well-maintained bathrooms and showers. Take a beautiful morning off for a cruise and perhaps a swim, or in pursuit of a keeper or two, then freshen-up and transform to office attire at Rex before hitting the office. Or reverse the process and hit the water at the end of your workday.

So many benefits and at considerably less cost than dockage.

Easy and Affordable

Rex Marine offers Valet Rack Service, also known as “summer rack storage” or “dry rack storage”, on an annual, seasonal, monthly, and even weekly basis – so please give VRS a try, we make it easy and affordable.

Visit us to see for yourself, or apply now online. And as always, let us know how we can help.

A New Bull Arrives at Rex Marine Center

Rex Marine Center continues to strive for excellence when others settle for status quo. That is why we recently added another high quality Wiggins Marina Bull forklift, a $350,000 investment to enable us to offer you the service levels you expect. We understand that your boat means a lot to you, and you and your boat mean a lot to Rex Marine. We use only the best equipment in support of our unsurpassed VRS operation.