Winter Indoor & Outdoor Storage

Winter Indoor Storage

Rex Marine’s Indoor Rack Storage is like having your own secure boathouse to protect your boat and keep it looking new.

  • With inside Rack Storage, you will benefit from not requiring bottom paint, easy maintenance, storm protection, less wear and tear and salt water corrosion
  • Inside storage has the additional benefit of protecting the gelcoat from UV rays, no baking in the sun or bird droppings, security and additional storm protection.
  • Boats up to 50’LOA can be stored indoors- no need to shrinkwrap so better for your boat.
  • Helps your boat stay new looking longer.
  • Safe, secure storage in locked building with video surveillance and night security guard
  • The overall benefit is peace of mind, lower maintenance costs and higher resale value!

Use our On Line Storage Forms for Fastest Service!

Download Our ’23/’24 Printable Application & Storage Form


Winter Outdoor Storage

  • Secure – gates are locked at night & security guard is on site until midnight
  • 24/7 video surveillance with DVR storage
  • Do your own work – you can cover (tarps only) or we can shrinkwrap
  • You winterize or we can…
  • Friendly full service ships store and parts department on site. Great prices from experienced boaters – aka “Rexperts”
  • Consider summer indoor rack storage to keep your boat protected, safe & secure with immediate launch-on-demand valet service

Use our On Line Storage Forms for fastest service!

Download Our ’23/’24 Printable Application & Storage Form



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