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                Much of boating is understanding how to use that which is outside of your little boat to your advantage, to ensure the safest possible boating experience. The wind, the waves, and the […]
  They call hypothermia the sneakiest danger you’ll face in nature – in every season. I’d be willing to bet that it’s not the most common thing that comes to mind however, every year many boaters suddenly fall victim to […]
Before your weekend boating adventures get too ruff, it’s important to think ahead and treat your best furry friends just the same as you would a family member. After all, they have much less that they can do about any […]
You’ve just purchased your new vessel – the price was right, the sales process was a pleasure, you’ve got a good handle on safe navigation from having taken a vessel orientation – now what? Boating is a great pastime and […]
We arrived the previous evening to a rather typical steamy Miami-April climate. Even though we had checked the forecast, it still made you immediately appreciate cold beverages and the invention of air-conditioning. Taking an Uber to the local Publix supermarket as […]
It’s Monday morning and you’re headed to the office. You weren’t paying attention, hit a pothole and now have a flat tire. Plus, it’s raining, traffic is screaming by, and you just spilled your coffee – Now what?! If you’re […]
It was a tick past 0500 when we conducted this morning’s boating lesson. This particular client happened to be new to boating, knew nothing about her new 40’ center console, and needed to start from the basics. So as always, […]
Whether for business or leisure, I quite often catch myself telling people how I’ve seen more of the world than my own back yard. Every chance I get, I huck myself out there into the world just to feel the […]
  It’s dead low tide this morning and you’ve decided to take advantage of the glass calm conditions. Exiting Norwalk Harbor, you make way down the Southwest channel and out into Sheffield Harbor. Have you ever wondered what all of […]
  Why is it that North American boat manufacturers chose to place the helm controls to starboard rather than to port, where we find them in our daily commuters? Once upon a time, the earliest sailing vessels had a “board” […]