Trailer Storage Policy

Thank you for choosing Rex Marine. The information below is very important if your boat will be arriving or leaving by trailer. Please ask if you have any additional questions, and any time we can be of service.

1. Before your trailer is disconnected from tow vehicle, please be sure your name is clearly visible in 2 places at the front end of the trailer, using a permanent marker.

2. All unloading, re-loading, and launching subject to additional costs, please inquire for rates.

3. All trailers expected to remain on site must have a functional tongue jack- owner must agree to buy/install tongue jack if not present and fully operational prior to disconnect from tow vehicle.

4. Rex does not perform trailer repairs, but Bob’s Equipment is very close by. Rex can relocate trailer to/from Bob’s for a fee upon request.

5. $15/day Daily Storage charges begin 3 days after owner has been notified to remove empty trailer, which will usually be before requested workorder has been completed. We highly recommend you arrive during our operating hours to assist with the pickup of your trailer, since often even with good planning, access trailer is often difficult without our help.

6. Long-term trailer storage, off-site: For trailers remaining beyond short-term on-site storage period, we reserve right to relocate your trailer to a non-secure lot adjacent to Norwalk Cove Marina with additional storage fees due to NCM. All risk of trailer damage, loss, or theft borne by trailer owner. Owner will be advised to make these arrangements directly with NCM after Rex Marine drops off trailer there.

7. Long term trailer storage, on-site is limited, and offered only to contracted summer Valet Rack Service customers. Discounted rates are $100/month for a single axle trailer, $125/tandem axle. 3 days advance notice required for drive-away trailer access.

8. Discounted/courtesy rates for delivery of trailer to owner’s home or long-term storage location: $50 within Norwalk, $80 to towns adjoining Norwalk; $100 to towns adjoining the adjoining towns that adjoin Norwalk; Price-on-request for other locations.

9. Please call in advance so we can prepare space for your trailer / boat.

Thank you.

Trailer Storage Inquiry