Bilge Pumps in the Winter

Please make sure that your bilge pump is functioning properly during the winter months if your boat is stored in the water. This means it is important to make sure that your battery system contains enough power to support running the pump for a long period of time. Make sure you test your batteries weekly and check the water levels if applicable. It is important to frequently test your bilge pump from an automatic to manual position on the bilge pump switch, the best method is to use marine anti freeze to fill up the space around the pump to see if it engages. If not, there is usually a small round knob you can use to manually activate the float switch if you dont have enough fluid around it. However, this does not guarantee the switch will work when unattended. Also, check for debris or corrosion that might keep it from floating properly. If this switch fails, the pump will not turn on and you boat could take on sufficient water over time to cause serious damage.