Sparks Out of the Waste Stream

By Michael Garvey

Last year the Rex Service Department began collecting used spark plugs that would normally end up in the trash and add to the waste stream. Spark plugs have almost no value except for recycling with scrap metal. Some spark plugs contain more than just metal and scrap metal yards wouldn’t always take them. This presented a problem when trying to dispose of the material properly and keep it out of the waste stream.

To find a solution I took another look at the Recycling model: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. Obviously reducing the use of sparkplugs was out of the question, as every motor needs new spark plugs. Finding a place to reuse the spark plugs was the only option. After a search online the answer was “The Spark Plug Guy” who makes art sculptors out of spark plugs and other metal nik naks. Some of his works include

This week Rex recycled over 300 sparkplugs which weighed over 60lbs. Stay tuned for Recycling updates throughout the year as Rex Marine & Norwalk Cove track their recycling programs.